Tigers By Tribals

Tigers by Tribals is an initiative to save our tigers by supporting the tribe that worships them. In the past few years, many measures were taken in order to save this animal from the harsh effects of destroying their environment by man, who took no mercy before cutting down vast forests for his own survival. This, as a consequence, led to the extinction of one of the most powerful animals that we know as tigers.

Tigers, the most magnificent of all animals, are facing extinction. This scenario is not just for India, but for the entire world, which is now concentrating its efforts and energy to save the tigers in the country with the largest population of tigers, i.e. India. Despite all the efforts made by various organisations to save them, they are still dying. In 2013, 63 tigers were reported dead. Several measures have been taken, and efforts are being made to save this beautiful animal from being extinct. But no-one yet took any step to get help from the people of the forest, the Baiga tribe that worships the tiger. So, here we are taking a step in a different direction but towards the same goal to save our tigers in India.

Baiga tribe is the largest dominant tribe in India. They are the true people of the Indian forests prevalent in many large states of India. These tribes worship the tiger, and they call it Baghesur. Unfortunately, the tribal people had to face forced eviction from their home, the forest, and were left workless. Though their home, their animals, was all taken away from the Baiga tribe, what still remained with them is their immensely amazing talent for handicrafts. Wooden sculptures, paintings, tribal dances, are all various forms of skills that they possess.

In order to take the initiative to save our tigers further, we organise a four-day event, in the final trimester of the year, which can help us create awareness about tigers and wildlife conservation, and also to support the tribes. This Tiger and Tribal Fest celebrates the lives of tribes and showcase Indian tribal culture. Through this programme, we generate enthusiasm among people for saving our beautiful Indian national animal.

We request your support, in this endeavour, by joining us for this wonderful event that consists of art exhibitions, live demos, folk songs, and dances so full of energy that you would love to be a part of all of it.