Tiger & Tribe


Tiger (Panthera Tigris) is now an endangered species. With less than 5000 tigers left in the world, various steps are being taken to stop the species from getting extinct. Countries are contributing their time, money, and efforts to help save the tigers. It is a privilege for India to home more than half of the population of tigers all over the world. The unusual charm of this animal and its dominant position in the food chain compels all of us to do our bit to save this beautiful species. In our beliefs, the people of the forest, the tribes, can be a lot helpful in this regard.


Baiga Tribe is the most widespread tribes in India. They dwell in the vast forests of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and many others. This tribe believes in depending only on the produce of the forest. In many ways, the tribal people are more attached to the jungle than any of us can ever be. The Baiga tribe worships the tiger. They call it Baghesur. The tribal people know as well as understand the animals and the jungle. They are known to have survived the wild for many years. Unfortunately, the people of the tribe were asked to leave the forests, leaving them homeless and workless. What they were left with was their artistic talents.


Tigers by Tribals is a project started by us with the intention of empowering the people of the Baiga tribe who, in our opinion, can help save the tigers by stopping poaching, and also by saving their homes, the forest. Our efforts are focussed on saving the tiger by supporting the tribes and helping them preserve their cultural traditions, and by creating awareness about wildlife conservation. Our inspiration to work for the cause comes from the passion that these tribal people put in their arts and crafts, which depict love and respect for tigers and forests.

Baghesur Art Festival

To get in action, we organise a four-day festival to celebrate the lives of the tribal people and to honour Baghesur. The event is programmed in a way that opens tourists to the world of culture and art of the Baiga tribe. It includes live classes, discussions by wildlife experts, cultural programmes, and an exclusive art exhibition cum sale of paintings, sculptures, and other hand-crafted souvenirs that the people of the tribe design and develop themselves.They certainly make us wonder about their lives in the wild and help us see the tiger from the eyes of the tribes.