Organic Farming

Organic Farming

HI Destination Management Pvt Ltd, New Delhi organized an Organic Farming training workshop in the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh. It has been established that organic farming provides us with an avenue to have sustained productivity in farming without relying on chemical and artificial fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides.


The workshop was aimed to spread awareness amongst the residents of Baghdara and surrounding villages about the advantages and methods of organic farming in order to free them from the vicious circle of using chemical fertilizers and avoid meager farm produce. By resorting to organic farming, HI Destination Management Pvt. Ltd. wants to provide the farmers with an enhanced singular mode of livelihood, a chemical free environment dependent more on water, forest and soil conservation.


Around 40 farmers of Baghdara village of KATNI Distt in MP gathered for this workshop. It is worth mentioning that this village exists in the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh National Reserve Forest. The farmers in this area are usually dependent on timely rains to get a good harvest while at the same time protecting their fields from wild animals. The non availability of indigenous and local seeds and manure has forced the farmers to rely heavily on the readily available fertilizers and pesticides available in the market.


The workshop highlighted the fact that by resorting to environment friendly means and causing negligible damage to the nature, a higher harvest can be achieved.
The inter relation between land, seeds, manure, water and air needs to be better understood and the same would reap beneficial results for the farmers.
An in-depth comparison between chemical and organic farming along with their respective advantages and disadvantages were explained.
Demonstration on microorganism management, vermicomposting, and compost manure was conducted for the ease of understanding of the farmers.


For guiding and mentoring the farmers the following dignitaries were invited:-
Mr. Sanjay Singh, Secretary for Agriculture in MP Gandhi Foundation Fund.
Mr. Suraj Mate, A renowned farmer from Jhansi, UP.
Mr. Santosh Kumar Dwivedi, an avid reporter who is also a Social and an Environment Resources Conservation and Management activist.


The farmers learnt the technique of making compost and matka manure.
They learnt about soil and water conservation and management and incorporated it.
The Farmers learnt the technique of making and propagating seeds and vowed to bring the same in vogue while farming.
Principles of farming wherein less seeds, less manure and less water are used to give maximum harvest was taught to the farmers.
To save the crop from being damaged from wild animals an innovative farming technique such as farming of Turmeric and Mustard was encouraged. These crops are not consumed by wild animals and rates of harvest are also profitable.


While interacting with the farmers the Director of HI Destination Management Pvt. Ltd., Mr.Sachin Sharma mentioned that his aim was to rescue and prevent the farmers from getting into the vicious webs of money lenders and chemical intensive farming by providing hope, encouragement, motivation, training and necessary help. By giving impetus to Innovative farming and food initiatives in the Bandhavgarh Buffer Zone, the company plans to ensure that the residents of these villages have an increase in their present means of livelihood so that their dependence on forest reduces and hence play a vital role in the conservation of forest and wild animals.