Jai Baghesur

We, proudly present the Baghesur Festival 2015, a tribal festival of India that is celebrated in order to honour the Indian tiger.Baghesur, meaning the tiger, is a beloved animal in India. Millions are spent every year in order to save this handsome animal from extinction. Still, the results are not as expected. With the view of spreading awareness for saving one of the most powerful animals of the jungle, we joined hands with Baiga tribe, the people of the forest in India, who worship the Baghesur. We believe that if we help the tribes to preserve their culture, they will help us save the tigers whom they worship with immense love.

The Baiga tribes, after forced eviction from the forest, were left only with their amazing abilities to design handicrafts. While these tribal men are great hunters and woodsman, the women of the tribe are great tattoo artists and are known as Godharins. Other than these outstanding abilities, the Baiga tribe is famous for its beautiful folk songs and dances.

In order to showcase the great talents of this tribe, we organise the Baghesur Art Festival, which will help us create awareness on wildlife conservation, and to empower the locals in order to facilitate them to help us with our mission to save the tigers. After a very successful event last year, we are happy to organise this Indian art festival in 2015 as a four day event from 28th November to 1st December. The event will consist of discussions by experts and conservationists on saving the Baghesur, as well as an art exhibition and sale consisting of beautifully hand-crafted souvenirs and art displays.

In these beautiful pictures, made by the people of the tribe itself, you can see the tiger from the eyes of the tribal. These works of art depict the animals and the forest in a very different way that shows us how the tribes see the nature around them. Along with discussions and art exhibitions, in this Baghesur festival, you will be able to enjoy live demos, folk songs, and tribal dances by the colourfully clad Baiga people.

This endeavour to save the tigers of India can be only completed with your presence among us. We promise you that this Indian tribal festival will be one of a kind experience for you. So, come join us and celebrate the lives of tigers and tribes.